By Harrison C., Eva S., Ian D., Rodana T. with help from the class

The number is going up 100 each day!  In the 5 school days this week, we have made 500 cranes!  The legend we learned from reading, "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes" says that if you make 1000 paper cranes, your wish will come true.  Our wish is that nobody else in Japan will be hurt and that those hurt by the earthquake and tsunami will have more food and enough clothes and safe houses and will start to heal.

Our goal is still to make 1,250 cranes so we still need to make 250 more next week.  By next Wednesday we should be totally done.  Issac (a 3rd grader) and his family donated 1,000 really small paper cranes.  They are hung in a chain over the lights in the hallway.  They kinda look like a sea-serphant dragon's body.

Our class is reading and writing poetry and we wrote a haiku about the cranes.  
Paper Cranes - a haiku written by Mrs. Cryan Leary's class
Folding paper cranes
for the children in Japan

lots of hard folding  
Julia wrote another poem (with a little help from Bella) called 
Cranes for Japan
100, 200, 300, almost there
400, 500, 600, 700, skip a few
900, 1000 
We need 250 cranes now
1,200, 1,210, 1,220, 1,230, 1,240, 
one more
Yay!  We did our goal!
4/9/2011 01:12:15 am

Lucca and I love the poems and we love all of the cranes--especially the beautiful little cranes hung in the hallway that look like a sea serpent. Lucca's favorite part about the crane project was making the cranes.


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