An Interview With Mr. Jeffrey Riley, QAE Librarian

By Ian Douglas and Lucca Kruse

This is an article about Dreambox, Brain Pop, and Type To Learn4.  These are super fun computer learning games.  We interviewed our librarian Mr. Jeffrey to find information about these awesome games! You can play them at home and at school.

Dreambox is a good math learning game because it’s hard in a fun way.  You can log on at home or school for free.   On a school computer, go to library catalog, at the top you will see visual search, click on that, then click on “Math.”  Next, click on the Dreambox link for your class, then click on your own name and there you are!   At home go to, then click on links, then click on Dreambox, click on your teachers name to get to your account. Mr. Jeffrey said that one reason Dreambox is popular is because after every level you get a reward.  

Brain Pop is a science-learning program that shows short movies on a lot of different subjects, like soil or money or technology.  Then it gives a fun quiz.  Brain Pop is awesome but it’s only free until 5:00pm on weekdays.  It costs $30 for a home subscription so you can play after 5 and on weekends.  To log onto Brain Pop, go to and click onto Brain Pop or go straight to  Your user name is queenael and your password is brainpop.

Type to learn 4 is a cool program that teaches you how to keyboard and it will take you on special typing adventures! To download, go to Mr. Jeffrey’s blog at and click on the Type to Learn 4 link.  The password is your school name—ours is queenanneelementary. The login is Lincoln, then type your first name and last initial.  The first time you play, you need to enter the activation code.  It is 122459.  Mr. Jeffrey said, “Type To Learn 4 is important because you are the kids of tomorrow! You’ll be using keyboarding instead of writing to communicate with people all over the world!!!”    

So, that’s how you log onto all three programs.  Have fun playing learning games!                                                                                                                                                           

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