I had hoped to have some kids help me deliver cranes this week, but found out late last week some news that changed the plan.  The Bezo Foundation announced that they, like our class, had far exceed their goal.  The local foundation had set out to collect 100,000 cranes, raising a total of $200,000 for the Japan Rebuild Project.  As of Friday, 460,535 cranes had been delivered to their Seattle office!  The foundation announced that they would not be accepting any cranes mailed after Friday, so I sent off the 1,250 they were expecting from our school team.  The cranes will be included in an art installation included in the Rebuild project.  Jack and I are rushing the other 2,398 cranes to an OshKosh store this morning.  OshKosh is collecting up to 50,000 cranes at their stores, which they will match with articles of clothing for kids in Japan.  I am guessing that this challenge will be met with as much love and support as the Bezo challenge, so we are going to hurry!  

Thank you all for your support with this wonderful and caring project. 
elizabeth and lucca kruse
5/24/2011 12:12:40 am

The photos of the hanging cranes are beautiful!! Can you tell us more about the art installation? Where is it and what is it? That sounds so cool!


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