By Gabe W-H., Jackson E., Declan L.

Today is the last day of our Cranes for Japan project, and we have 3,648 cranes!!!  Lots of families have been making cranes at home.  It is fun to do and a good thing to do as a family.  Isabella's family has been making cranes, and bringing them in each time they make 100.  On Tuesday, Gabe's family surprised the class by bringing in 1,455 cranes that they have been making at home since the beginning of the project.  Gabe's aunt and grandma made most of the cranes, but the whole family helped.

Next week, during Spring Break, Mrs. Cryan Leary will be delivering the cranes to the Bezo Foundation.  Each crane will earn $2 for the Japan Rebuild project the foundation is sponsoring.  All of our hard work on this project is going to send $7,296 for the kids in Japan!!!  We are really proud of ourselves.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in this important and fun project!

A poem by Isabella S. -
Folding, folding, folding
Paper cranes is easy and fun
We have to keep 

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